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Over the past decade, we’ve seen an exponential increase in the variety, volume, and veracity of data. At APEX, engineers and analysts come together to address this growing challenge, specializing in researching, rapidly prototyping and productizing innovative analytic solutions.

By combining skilled engineers and developers with experienced ISR analysts, we identify capability shortfalls and create custom solutions with direct feedback from operators.

What We Offer


Analysts provide critical requirement and feedback supporting our innovative software solutions exceeding the challenges of an ever-evolving exploitation environment. Whether designing stand-alone analytic tools or big data analytics for complex ecosystems APEX always applies a tailored approach to the end users needs.

Exploitation Pipelines

We develop custom entity extraction pipelines for collation of geospatial data points from structured and unstructured text reporting. Pipelines, including software and analysis workflows, enable geospatial discovery of critical contextual intelligence.

These capabilities enable analysts and operators to clip out the content they need through intuitive web-based geo-processors.

Distributed Computing

Developing big data distributed processing systems.

Guiding design principles:

  • Provide analysts with single point of entry to multiple real-time and historical data sources
  • Bring data and results to the analyst through alert services
  • Scale for increasing processing needs
  • Move processing from client machines to servers
  • Leverage open source when possible

Open Source

Open source software provides the flexibility to meet big data requirements while reducing technology costs. Solutions from various foundations such as Apache (Hadoop, Accumulo), and open source data projects such as Open Street Map (OSM) enable APEX to design tailored and cost-effective technology solutions for their customers while avoiding vendor lock in.

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