ATLAS Video Management Solution

ATLAS Data Solution Suite

ATLAS Video Management Solution (VMS) is a cutting edge end-to-end technical video management solution designed to effectively manage specialized terrestrial (ground) based single or multi-view video collections for the Department of Defense (DoD), Law Enforcement (LE), Other Government Agencies (OGA), and Commercial entities.

Created as a web-based video management system for performance, scalability, and simplicity, ATLAS VMS provides enhanced video multiplexing that combines the visual and spatial components from a single or multiple vantage points.

Once combined, users can quickly analyze, create, and disseminate information to enable decision makers and operators to make critical decisions.

ATLAS VMSATLAS VMS supports a true tool agnostic approach; including some of the more commonly used desktop clients such as Google Earth, ArcGIS, SocetGXP, and web based applications. Furthermore, VXplore includes a reference web client that accesses data through an open application programming interface (API).

This API can be used to create additional clients suited to other environments and missions, scaling ATLAS VMS across locations and organizations.

ATLAS VMS provides a significant advantage to analyze, produce, and disseminate products without outsourcing requirements in a time critical environment:

  • Ingest terrestrial data with user defined attribution—retrieve and download video files locally
  • Split and transcode incoming video from native formats to MPEG
  • Merge spatial and temporal components with video segments to create a KLV package
  • Search and discover all terrestrial files based on user’s operational need
  • OGC services providing collection coverage, analysis, and post mission reports

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