ATLAS Tracking Solution

ATLAS Data Solution Suite

APEX’s ATLAS Tracker is a native Android application that can be easily installed and executed on phones used by trainees, role players, and other participates.  

ATLAS Tracker sends real-time geolocation heartbeat messages at customized intervals (up to every second) to a secure web server accessible by exercise controllers.  The geolocation heartbeat messages also include customizable identification information specific to participants such as their user identification, their assigned team or role and the training exercise identification.

Exercise controllers can show participants their position or the positions of others through a browser-based, mobile friendly interactive map layer.  This layer is updated in near real time and can also be viewed using desktop clients like ArcGIS.  

ATLAS Tracker by APEX Expert Solutions

ATLAS Tracker’s mobile application includes an algorithm for automatically increasing or decreasing the time interval between collections.

Additionally, ATLAS Tracker detects and recovers from drops in data connectivity. When connectivity is lost, ATLAS Tracker caches location data locally on the device until the device re-establishes connectivity.

Finally, ATLAS Tracker detects when GPS coordinates are unavailable and informs the server to ignore the location data.

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