ATLAS Data Solution

ATLAS Data Solution Suite

APEX Expert Solutions provides a modular high-­‐performance data integration and management suite, the ATLAS Data Solution, which delivers automated data discovery, organization, access, analysis, and packaging services for your enterprise data.

ATLAS Discover

ATLAS Discover is a highly optimized data discovery engine built to probe and mine data throughout your entire network. Whether data resides on network file shares, local hosts, removable media, or in databases, ATLAS Discover will find, index, and annotate it for future exploration and deployment. ATLAS Discover is available in multiple specialized modules for SIGINT, GEOINT, unstructured text, and other data formats.

ATLAS Explore

ATLAS Explore is a scalable system built to search for and visualize extremely large volume spatial, temporal, and contextual datasets. ATLAS Explore is designed to operate over a distributed high-­‐performance computing environment to maximize scalability and performance. In addition to web based search and visualization, ATLAS Explore provides a set of web services and an API to enable unlimited extensibility and access to the underlying ATLAS Data Solution datasets.

ATLAS Analyze

ATLAS Analyze is a massively parallel analytics framework designed to perform complex analysis of extremely large volume spatial, temporal, and contextual datasets. ATLAS Analyze allows users the ability to compare items, identify trends, correlate patterns, detect anomalies, and create and manipulate multiple workflows to answer their most challenging questions. In addition to built-in tools, ATLAS Analyze provides a rich set of controls and interfaces to create custom analytics providing nearly unlimited flexibility.

ATLAS Deploy

ATLAS Deploy is a set of modules designed to enable extremely large datasets to be selected, divided, or aggregated from the ATLAS Data Solution’s enterprise data stores and exported to laptops, desktops, removable media, or remote networks. For unscheduled or one-­‐time needs, ATLAS Deploy allows for on-­‐demand request and export services. For recurring or immediate availability requirements, ATLAS Deploy services will maintain and continuously update the deployment target(s) in real-­time.

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