About APEX

About Apex

Formed in 2011, APEX bridges the gap between sensor and analyst in the evolving field of intelligence analysis. APEX tightly couples analysts, operators, and engineers to produce an unmatched level of problem-solving capacity for any situation.

Spanning various disciplines, including geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), signals intelligence (SIGINT), and human intelligence (HUMINT) analysis, APEX analysts, operators, and engineers work with operational mission partners to deliver novel technology, tactics, techniques, and procedures (T3P), relevant and modern training, and innovative technology solutions.

APEX has proven its value in garrison and in deployed environments by providing GIS, full-motion video (FMV), SIGINT, and ISR services to intelligence and DoD customers. Expert analysts process and exploit complex information for both conventional and special operations forces (SOF), delivering actionable intelligence for the warfighter. APEX trainers are seasoned professionals with real world experience in multiple combat and non-combat theaters. APEX engineers solve complex problems, create customized solutions, and ensure information empowers decision-makers to make timely and accurate decisions.

APEX Mission and Vision

Apex Headquarters

2711 Jefferson Davis Highway
Suite 901
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 1-866-654-APEX (2739)
Fax: 1-703-842-1367


The premier intelligence solutions provider to Special Operations Forces  – combining analytics, engineering, and operations to deliver excellence.


Mission Matters
Unwavering dedication to our customers’ missions

Performance Matters
Highest levels of excellence and relentless innovation

People Matter
Our number one asset, consistently demonstrating leadership, integrity and professionalism

Being Unique Matters
Our multi-disciplined team approach is our core strength and key differentiator